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Baltimore Movie Extra Work

There is work for those that are looking to get into being extras on set in Baltimore. Though even starting out you may not be aware of what an extra does or really is, people tend to lump it together with acting in general but that is not the right stance on working as an extra. Extras don’t really need as many skills as an actor though the availability of work for an extra can be less than the typical acting job. You can still work as an extra too on top of being an actor in Baltimore. Extras are typically used to help make the scene being filmed at the time appear more natural and to populate the background if the scene calls for it. Extras are used a lot in Baltimore for various short films, independent films and some major feature films too.
Extras will not typically have any lines to recite or read however there are also in the industry what they call “featured extras”. Featured extras are not to be confused with the On-Camera Principle (OCP) just because they have “featured” in the name. A featured extra is still considered a background performer however they can be potentially recognized in the final product. They are recorded but they are not speaking, not featured in individual shots and not interacting with the product being shown in some cases unless they are specifically called upon to do so. They however may work in closer proximity to the OCP and they are generally paid more than the average extra Baltimore.
Featured extras will usually only have lines, if for some reason they are bumped by a “day player” or OCP, and will have a higher pay grade too in Baltimore. The actor may actually be eligible to join the acting Association SAG (Screen Actors Guild) if the film is in fact a SAG production at that time. Sometimes you will work on the sets of non SAG productions too. Just depends on the demand for extras in Baltimore.
Location can make everything; try showing up to a shooting location as a spectator and maybe even express your interest in being an extra to someone that is actually working on set or at the shoot that day. Of course without being a distraction, because time is money in the business. However it can be a rare occurrence that they will invite spectators to come on set as an extra in Baltimore. Typically when you see a manager or director do this it is because one of the extras they originally hired has failed to show up for the shoot or sometimes the director just happens to spot someone with the look that he or she envisioned for the background characters in a scene.
A good tip for those that are seeking work as an extra in Baltimore, it is generally a good rule of thumb to avoid wearing white, red or anything that sports a major brand logo on it. Seems odd but it is hard to be cast as an extra if you have a major label on your tee shirt, then it will seem like that brand has a promotion in the production and if that is untrue it can cause issues with the production as well. It is also good to understand that there may even be a chance that the work that you do as an extra may not even make it to the final cut of the production; sometimes this just occurs for creative reasons or they needed to cut out the scene you were in for whatever reason or the other.
As an Extra in Baltimore you need to be aware of the call times for the production that you are working on. There is always a call time that they will have in place for you to be on set and ready to do your walk across stage or to be there in the wings waiting for your walk across the set. Call time is set by the director or assistant director in Baltimore. Often the extras will be expected to come with their own wardrobe, though if the production is set in a certain time period or the director wants everyone to have a certain uniform or look; you will have to show up on set earlier so you can be fitted by the wardrobe department for that day. Always check to make sure you know any specifications that the director may have on wardrobe. You are always expected to arrive at the set camera ready. That basically means that your hair and makeup are done. Unless you have been instructed to wear your hair or make-up in a specific way, it’s usually best to keep make-up light and natural.
Typically the companies that are working with Extras in the Baltimore area will keep record of the Extras that work with them by filing a photo of them away with their registration information. The photo they use is a headshot, this type of photo is normally an 8”x10” headshot with a resume attached and trimmed to fit the same size as the headshot, this will be taped on the back. However, do keep in mind that resumes are not all that necessary when working as an extra though they can help obtain work and should have a list of your physical attributes listed on there as well with any relevant experience you have had as an extra in Baltimore or anywhere else you have worked.
A good resume for an Extra in Baltimore will not only have the past experience as an extra listed but it will also have all of their good physical attributes listed; for example height, weight, hair and eye color. They also need to make sure that the resume has their measurements listed for dress, shirt and pant size right along with all the necessary contact information that they have in Baltimore. It doesn’t hurt to also include a small list of special skills, hobbies and sports that you do. Make sure you keep your resume updated, this can not be stressed enough. You could be looked over for a good job if the casting director is calling the wrong phone number for you; you certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on a good opportunity because of not having your resume properly updated.
When on set as an extra it is good to know what to expect as you are waiting for your moment of glory so to speak. On a normal day the extra will be back behind the scenes for some good time until the extra gets the cue to walk across a scene, always done in the same way and manner with the same timing; meanwhile this is done while the larger scene is actually shot several times. You may cross that set a good 50 times before the scene is finalized. Extra work can be easy to come by and often you will get called up much more often if you have skills in juggling, martial arts, dancing etc. These special skills will make you stand out and sometimes the make or model of your car may get you called upon to work on a project in Baltimore. Though an odd thought, that old jalopy of yours may be just what the director is looking for when it comes to background cars parked on a street. It just depends on the production and its needs.
Realize that your look alone could be the reason you get noticed in Baltimore; especially if the director feels like you create a certain vibe or atmosphere around you. Though be assured that even if you do happen to have the look that the director is looking for a certain scene you should still be well prepared and plan ahead of time when you are planning to do extra work because a good portion of that work may require you to be on set for up to 18 hours at a time and projects can vary in length of time needed on set by days to even weeks in Baltimore. Also know that you may find that you are just on set just standing around until you are needed for that brief second of screen time.